SPECIAL DEAL - Ficus Alii - Weeping Fig - House Plant - 100-110cm

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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 - Save £10!

Ficus Alii is a choice form of weeping fig tree with long graceful leaves that provide an unusual appearance. It is a fantastic plant for the home or office and will make an elegant specimen for a bright room. Newly unfurling leave are a peach colour with reddish stems, providing extra interest to this lovely plant. It is very easy to keep happy and will thrive in a room that receives plenty of bright indirect sunshine or bright shade. Requiring only average warmth provided in any home, Ficus Alli can handle low temperatures provided it remains frost free. Keep well watered and fed in the growing season, but do allow the plant to dry out slightly first. Supplied in approx. 4-5 litre containers at around 100-110cm tall, these plants are of excellent quality.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 - Save £10!

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