Five Fantastic Roses - Assorted Potted Rose Plant Collection
Five Fantastic Roses - Assorted Potted Rose Plant Collection

Five Fantastic Roses - Assorted Potted Rose Plant Collection

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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 39.95, today just 14.95 - Save £25!

If you love gorgeous brightly coloured fragrant English Roses in your garden, then this is the offer for you, providing an amazing offer of 10 high quality mixed varieties of Roses - for less than £3 a plant!!

How can we do this you ask? Because this is a lucky dip mix of the nurseries choice - so if you like surprises it's perfect! You could have Pinks, Reds, Yellows, Lilac, Orange, White and other colours too - you could have some bush, ground cover types and even the odd climber if you're lucky.

The selection these will be picked from and features the best premium quality, premier varieties, so this deal really does represent great value for money. Because we grow and sell so many roses every year, we are able to offer this outstanding deal that would be tough to beat elsewhere. This is simply our end of season and lost lable surplus.

Planted now, these will make fantastic blooming plants in the garden, this summer, and for years and years there after. They are very versatile and can be grown in patio planters on balconies through to garden beds and borders, trained up trellis or fences grown through obelisks and more. This is the best value way of adding a stunning selection of classy varieties to your garden, we will select from a wide range of what we feel are some of the best roses available.

We have quality stocks, and thousands of plants to choose from to give you the best selection possible. 

What can beat the fantastic depth of colour you can achieve in your garden and on your patio with these plants. You're sure to generate masses of admiring glances to the display you can achieve with these. Let's not forget the outstanding perfume and fragrance that our roses are famed for across the world. Not to be compared to low grade quality and variety offerings available elsewhere, these plants will thrive in your garden.

Buy your collection of Special Roses today, and get decades of colour and perfume with easy grow plants, whilst our limited stocks last.

Each Rose will come potted in a 1-2 litre container, growing away well, and may even be flowering on delivery - all ready for planting out in the garden.

Customer comments:

'Just received my order...oh my god...the selection of roses is amazing! Thank you very much for the great shopping on line experience.'

'My 10 rose plants arrived this morning by courier. They were well packaged with lots of moist compost around each root ball. Large, sturdy plants for a fraction of what they would cost in our local garden centre. I am more than pleased with my purchase '

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 39.95, today just 14.95 - Save £25!

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