Forsythia intermedia Week-End - Large Shrub

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A Forsythia plant in full bloom is one of the real heralds of Spring and its sunny floral display can be seen breaking out in gardens across the country. The branches become absolutely smothered in vivid golden yellow flowers. This golden coat lasts for the early spring to mid-spring period and is followed by bright green foliage that darkens in time and is narrowly ovate in shape. A deciduous shrub its winter coat is noted for light brown shoots produced in the last season; its these shoots that will produce the flowering spring. This Forsythia has a height and spread of

This is a hardy shrub that likes a damp soil but is tolerant of most conditions except this that water-log, it grows in both full sun and partial shade. When it comes to aspect, Forsythia will grow in both an exposed or sheltered position and does best in South, East and West facing gardens. The trick to getting the best out of Forsythia is to cut back the flowering wood after flowering, encouraging it to produce next springs display. A good dressing of organic matter such as compost in late winter will also help keep this plant healthy.

Supplied in approx. 7-10 Litre containers.

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