Fragrant Trachelospermum asiaticum Pink Showers - Pinky Wings Star Jasmine Plants - circa 140-150cms

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The worlds first ever Pink Flowering Star Jasmin - flowers of Trachelospermum jasminoides give a charming scent and can add a touch of Tuscany in a garden, but usually they are white in colouration, Pink Showers is a brand new, hard to find soft pink flowering form.

The fragrant scented soft pink flowered star Jasmin - Imagine relaxing in your garden through summer, with a few drinks, perhaps on a sun lounger in the sunshine, as if taken to a distant shore, maybe with one or two of our large tropical looking palms dotted around you, and the sweet scent of this star Jasmin on the air. Masses of highly perfumed soft pink flowers with glossy evergreen foliage all year round mean this climber is perfect for covering unsightly areas

Trachelospermum will climb over fences, trellis, walls, arbours and more. Star Jasmine, or Trachelospermum is an attractive woody, evergreen climber with rich, dark green leaves which turn bronze in winter. Highly fragrant, soft pink flowers are produced from mid-late summer. It is best grown against a warm, sunny wall and is an excellent plant for adding a touch of scent and high-rise glamour into courtyards or climbing over fences and garden structures in a sunny spot. Especially lovely in warm sunny borders at the foot of a sheltered south-facing wall, this plant will thrive in well drained soils, and is particularly tolerant of hot summer weather where other climbers may flag.

Great Value - this brand new Pink Flowering form of Trachelospermum will be Supplied full of buds and blooms in season, well branched and very bushy at around 140-150cms tall.

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