Fresh Christmas Tree - 70-90cm Compact Potted Norway Spruce - Wills Dwarf +

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The Spruce is a high quality traditional Christmas tree, lending itself very well in terms of shape and style for Christmas decorations. The advantage of this tree, being supplied in a pot, is that once the Christmas festivities are over it can be kept outside either by being planted out in the garden or re-potted and used again next year!


This special compact form of traditional Norway Spruce, known as Wills Zwerg (Wills Dwarf), it will grow to about 6-10 ft in 10 years and will grow well in all gardens. Supplied ready potted adding to the festive appeal, the decorations are of course not included, you'll have to add those yourself!


Overall height supplied including container is approx. 70-90cm. Typical specimens as pictured supplied.


These would look lovely positioned at the entrance to your home to great Christmas guests and provide a lovely festive appearance. The kids can help plant the tree too after the festivities and care for it to have year after year. They are of course also great indoors if you do not have space for a full size real tree, but want to enjoy that traditional pine fragrance, or maybe have a second tree with one of these.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 39.99, today just 19.99 - Save £20!

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