Luzula sylvatica aurea "Solar Flare" - Golden Oranamental Grass

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This fantastically bright Luzula produces a very handsome clump of unusual golden foliage, and shines out like a beacon where ever it is planted.

Delicate heads of chestnut-brown flowers bloom in Spring yet they are not the main feature of this plant. The wonderful evergreen, grass-like foliage is present all year round so this plant is ideal for planting in containers over Winter to bring a little life to the garden at a time when it can look slightly dull! A perfect compliment to other ornamental grasses and perennials.

Solar Flare also looks lovely planted en-masse to provide a unique golden carpet.

Very hardy and tolerant of most soil types and growing conditions, this plant is particularly tolerant of damp areas. Luzula has a low spreading habit and will grow in full-sun if soil is kept moist, but does prefer a part-shady site.

Strong, full plants supplied in approx. 3-5 litre containers.