Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon - Rare Japanese Full Moon Maple
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Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon - Rare Japanese Full Moon Maple

Product ref: S76545

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Autumn Moon is a spectacular Acer for the discerning Acer Aficionado, Maple Collector or simply the garden lover that likes to have something unusual, unique and of great garden value. If you've not seen this variety before, then snap one up today whilst our limited stocks permit!

A very special cultivar, Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon will not fail to delight. It bursts in to growth each spring with a bold flash of new foliage that maintains an elegance all of its own. The tone of the new leaves is burnt-orange, intensify towards the end of the growing tips over an underlying shade of pale green-gold. In sunny summer conditions, the colour will intensify. In Autumn for foliage flushes all shades of fire before falling for the winter months - a truly spectacular small tree worthy of a position in any garden.

Resistant to burning in full sun, this Acer will make a stunning focal point in any planting. Slow growing, it is also an ideal specimen for a large planter where it will be happy for many years. One of our must have varieties, it will make an impressive impact particularly if you have a Japanese themed area, or pond to plant it near by - this will separate it from the rest.

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers as strong branched young trees. These are superb plants of the highest quality - a special tree to grow and cherish for years to come.