Clematis The President
Clematis The President

Clematis The President

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This stunning Clematis lives up to its dramatic name of the president and will make its presence known in any garden space.

A deciduous climbing plant it produces single flowers that can reach up to a whopping twenty centimetres in size they have a beautiful violet blue colour which are silvery underneath and are topped off with pinkish to red stamens. The great thing about them though is you will see multiple blooms covering your plant from late spring until early summer and then flush again from late summer through to the first autumn frosts, giving real value for money. The foliage is a dark green and this further emphasises the stunning flowers.

If all this is not enough then this Clematis is also incredibly tough and takes partial shade, any soil type or aspect. Add some good organic matter to the soil when planting ‘The President’ and plant some ground cover around it as it will enjoy having its roots out of the sun.

This climber will get up to two metres plus in height and a metre in spread, it is perfect for growing on wall in an informal colourful garden or even on the side of a pathway arch. Remember to give it support to aid its climb.

Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.