Chamaecyparis obtusa Kamarachiba
Chamaecyparis obtusa Kamarachiba

Chamaecyparis obtusa Kamarachiba

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This shrub is the perfect way to add the look of a conifer to your garden without committing to a big tree. It is low growing, up to about 45cm tall and can spread to a metre wide. It is known for its beautiful colours; yellow-green in the summer before changing to golden-yellow in the winter. For added colour, the stem tips are orange. It is an evergreen plant, so you get to enjoy its foliage for the whole year; this makes it great for ground cover in beds and borders that may have more deciduous plants.

This versatile plant will grow in any moist, well-drained soil. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight in a sheltered position.

Supplied in approx. 2-3cm containers.

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