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Dwarf Patio Fruit Trees Collection - Apricot, Cherry & Peach
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Dwarf Patio Fruit Trees Collection - Apricot, Cherry & Peach

Product ref: FT20583

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This fantastic fruit tree collection is a great way to acquire three of the most popular 'stone' fruit varieties around at an amazing price that you simply will not find elsewhere. The quality of our heavy grade trees is really impressive, and they will of course grow equally well in open ground as well as larger planters. Long term, we recommend a half-barrel sized planter and regular feeding and watering, but they can go into approx 10 litre containers on delivery before being moved on.

They are supplied as bare rooted heavy grade trees, and could even flower and fruit the year of delivery, although we recommend not letting them crop for the first year - this means even bigger crops in future season.

In your collection you will receive: 

Apricot - perfect for producing your own sun drenched Apricots at home, planted in a large container or even a garden border. The tree is grafted on a special rootstock that ensures a compact tree and masses of delicious Apricots, the fruits can be grow here in the UK successfully with these trees, particularly if you can offer a warm south or west facing aspect.. Self-fertile creamy-pink blossoms will appear in Spring to be followed by masses of good sized, sweet and juicy Apricots in summer. No pruning is needed and the trees will reach an eventual height of 1.5-2 metres tall. 

Peach - Grow your own Peaches regardless of the size of your garden with this beautiful compact tree. Perfect for large patio planters or the open garden, this Patio Peach (Prunus persica) is easy to grow, requiring no pruning and will only ever reach 1.5-2 metre tall. Simply afford it a position in a bright sunny spot for the best results and keep well fed and watered in the growing season. Specially grafted to provide a compact tree and masses of delicious juicy fruit, it will display beautiful self fertile pink blossom in Spring, before the fruits are produced.

Black Cherry - Nothing can beat sumptuous sundrenched Black Cherries straight from the tree! This one it the ideal solution where space is limited. Grown on very dwarf root stock to produce a mini patio fruit tree, a fraction of the size of its full size cousins found in fruit farms and orchards across the UK. This sweet fruiting cherry produces excellent quality cherries with a deep black-red colour. Beautiful self fertile blossoms appear in spring, with fruits following in summer. Full sun in a south-facing position is desirable for growing fruit and will encourage a more abundant crop, but other positions will also be fine. This patio fruit tree is grafted on a special root stock to give a maximum mature height of approx 1.5-2 metres.