Hedges & Hedging Plants

Hedges are back in fashion, especially for creating impenetrable secure boundaries around your property. They can also provide a year-long backdrop for other plantings and seasonal displays of their own, such as flowers, berries or autumn colours. Plants for hedges are available all year round as we offer container grown plants, evergreen shrubs, and bare root plants (in winter).

Consider creating your own formal knot garden by using low growing box plants to create individual planting beds for blocks of colour.  Easy to grow and only requiring an occasional light trim Buxus or Laurus can both be used to add an air of sophistication. 

A hedge can form the backbone of your landscape, and although it can be nice to grow your boundaries over time, growing hedging over such a period isn't always  practical. If you are in a situation where you need instant screening, you're in luck because we've already done a lot of the hard work with our mature specimens. Here in our nursery, we grow a wide range of hedging plants - in containers for supply all year round - that will provide immediate cover to maintain privacy in your garden, and blot out that new building on the horizon or a noisy road. Check out our selection below.