Pachira Aquatica - Money Tree
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Pachira Aquatica - Money Tree

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Pachira aquatica or lucky Chestnut or Money Tree as it is also known, is a sought-after tree that adapts extremely well to being grown indoors. Under fengshui, a properly placed Pachira aquatica in the home or office will create positive energy/chi, bringing prosperity and good luck. As a result, the Money Tree is a fashionable gift for birthdays, weddings and house warmings.

This delightful Money Tree has a central trunk of several stems braided together to lock in the good fortune. The top of the Money Tree has the 5-lobed leaf arrangement also considered lucky. Other names include Malabar or Guiana Chestnut, French Peanut, Saba Nut, Dollar Plant and Provision Tree.

Originating from wetlands in Central and South America, this is an exotic looking specimen with large glossy leaves and a plaited stem. It's a good option if you want something that looks tree-like in your home or office.

It prefers bright, indirect light but will tolerate light shade, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, and thrives under fluorescent light, so is great for office environments. Water when the soil has become slightly dry at the top.

Supplied in approx 5 litre containers at around 90cms tall.

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