Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise - 150-180cm Lollipop Standard Tree
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Hydrangea Vanilla Fraise - 150-180cm Lollipop Standard Tree

Product ref: PT20064

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Very large bright creamy-white 'vanilla' coloured blooms in midsummer, aging to Strawberry Pink 'Fraise' through to burgundy red, not on a bush, but a small tree form - yes, one of our favourite Hydrangeas grown as a tree with a 'lollipop' head of branches and blooms above a clear stem. The blooms are held on the plant for several months before they transform to a deep pink-burgundy colour in the autumn. The transition from cream to pink and finally burgundy red, with the two colours on the same plant is simply breath-taking!

The colour makes a great addition to the garden and it blends wonderfully with all other colours and plants. Why not use 'Vanilla Fraise' in bouquets either fresh or dried to make a unique floral design? This is an easy to grow plant with reliable flowering and flower colour regardless of soil type or winter temperatures.

The flower heads themselves are huge, ranging from 15-30cms long, and are held upright on strong branches. The blooms are well distributed over the plant giving a superb display.

Hydrangea Trees will reach up to 2m tall with a spread of around 1m if left unpruned, they're extremely versatile, be it for beds, borders, large containers or even used to create unique screening. For the best quality standard lollipop trees, cut back hard each spring to encourage more dense branching and large numbers of flowers and give a good feed. Supplied in approx. 5 litre containers with a tall clear stem and head of branches with a total height of around 150-180cm tall.