Pair of Standard Rose Trees - Babylon Eyes SUNSHINE
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Pair of Standard Rose Trees - Babylon Eyes SUNSHINE

Product ref: PT16103

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Babylon Eyes Roses trees are a very welcome rose breeding breakthrough, deliciously fruity and a brand new introduction to the horticultural world, sure to cause a stir, plus we here at Gardening Express have exclusively acquired all the colours available as standard rose trees - so you'll not find the selection of colours we have anywhere else. The result of many years of breeding, these roses really are something special, providing a stunning display of large open flowers, each with a deep burgundy coloured central eye, the result of crossing with exotic Persian Rose species. This has produced Roses that offer a myriad of tropical looking colours on a single plant, plus with their open centres they are a magnet for beneficial garden insects such as lady birds and bumble bees. The ever changing kaleidoscope of flower colour means these special trees offer season long interest. With all the wonderful colours available, there is sure to be a favourite for everyone and one to suit any garden style. This variety 'Sunshine' displays a cocktail of colouration in red, amber and warm golden shades. The bloom colour transitions as they age, and later in the year as evening become cooler, the intensity of the colours increases. Supplied as a Pair of pot grown, high quality grafted standard trees with a clear stem and overall height of around 100cms.