Patio Fuchsia Tree 'Lucky Dip'
Patio Fuchsia Tree 'Lucky Dip'
Patio Fuchsia Tree 'Lucky Dip'
Patio Fuchsia Tree 'Lucky Dip'

Patio Fuchsia Tree 'Lucky Dip'

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Lovely Ready Grown Standard Fuchsia Tree

Flowers all summer Long.

Famed for masses of dripping flowers.

Delivered Bursting in to bloom

These make a magnificent and impressive addition to any garden or patio. Growing a standard fuchsia is a very rewarding exercise but requires a great deal of patience - the process can take the best part of two years, so we have done all of the hard work for you! Our Patio Standard Fuchsia Trees are supplied starting to burst in to bloom, and will get bigger and better as the season goes on. They can also be kept year after year by bringing in to a frost free area, so you can enjoy your majestic Fuchsia trees year after year.

Our Fuchsia Standard make a fabulous addition to adorn your patio and garden. Use it flanking either side of the front or back door, around the house and patio, even on a balcony to bring a fantastic show of summer colour. Nothing could be easier than getting one of our ready grown Standard Fuchsia Trees that are already bursting in to bloom to last all summer long. Simply position and enjoy in your garden, for the best displays ensure they are never allowed to dry out, and give a good liquid feed to your plants every week.

Get it now, and enjoy a lovely show of fantastic fuchsias all summer long. Fuchsias are among the most popular plants grown and it's not hard to see why with their beautiful pendulous hanging flowers they will make an outstanding display in your garden. Our ready grown standard tree does not only mean no painstaking work in planting up baby plants and growing on for a long time - simply enjoy as it is bursting in to flower on delivery.

Gorgeous Patio Standard Fuchsia Tree Bursting in to Bloom in pot supplied at an overall height of around 60-80cms inclusive, colour selected at random from a wide selection.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.99, today just 7.99 - Save £12!


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