Agapanthus "Enigma" - Bicolour Nile Lily
Agapanthus "Enigma" - Bicolour Nile Lily

Agapanthus "Enigma" - Bicolour Nile Lily

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The rise in the popularity of Agapanthus in recent years is testament to the deep beauty of these South African bulbous plants and this “Enigma’ variety is one of the best.

From summer and leading into autumn this plant produces magnificent white trumpet shaped flowers that are blue at the base, they form in rounded clusters on the apex of single stems and hover above thick waxy lanceolate leaves that form from the base at soil level.

It is a striking plant on many levels, and it can be blended into a herbaceous border or grown in containers and sited in pride of place on a patio or terrace. Agapanthus is tolerant of most soil types but make sure it is not prone to waterlogging, it is a sun loving plant that will prefer a south or west facing aspect. Dead head these plants during their flowering period to encourage further blooms.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.