Holly Tree Duo - Pair of Young Holly Bushes - Alaska & Blue Prince
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Holly Tree Duo - Pair of Young Holly Bushes - Alaska & Blue Prince

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Pair of Beautiful Festive Holly Bushes

Create an Instant Christmas Feel in your Garden year after year by growing these Holly Trees.

These beautiful young Holly trees have lovely dark green foliage, and will mature in to sturdy trees or bushes, perfect for any seasonal patio or garden displays, planted close together in the garden, they can even be used for hedges. This duo contains one female (Alaska) and one male (Blue Prince) holly tree to ensure the best pollination and plenty of berries in future seasons.

The glossy, green leaves are evergreen and slightly spiky. Small, white flowers bloom in late Spring with dark red berries making their appearance later in the year. 

If you want to attract birds to the garden, holly is a great addition as they love the berries. Holly trees make a fantastic and unique seasonal present for a friend or relative. A gift that can be looked after, grown and cherished for years to come. Each and every year they will develop a larger head of foliage and heavy crops of the beautiful striking red berries.

Supplied at around 30-40cms, these are well branched young bushes ready to grow away in your garden or patio containers.