Rose Blackberry Nip - Deep Plum Purple Blue Rose
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Rose Blackberry Nip - Deep Plum Purple Blue Rose

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This deep purple plum rose is not only beautiful because of its special colour, the scent is intense - it produces an extremely strong and alluring perfume!  With out doubt one of the best purple roses available, it is worthy of a place in any garden.

Blackberry Nip is a deep purple rose that everyone should grow, whether it for the deep purple colour or for the powerful fragrance which attracts everyone to stop and have a smell.

The blooms are produced singly and start with the traditional Hybrid Tea shape before opening out in to flatter blooms.  The bushy plants will reach around 100-150cms tall with nice long flowering stems, that now only look great in the garden but lend themselves well to cutting too. Generally trouble free, try purple combined with yellow or orange in the garden to make a striking and unusual combination, or simply combine with whites, pinks and lilacs. The foliage of Blackberry Nip is also complimentary deep green with a purple flush.

Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers.