Syringa Bloomerang Dark Purple
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Syringa Bloomerang Dark Purple

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Bloomerang is a new breed of lilac that allows you to enjoy the flowers and fragrance of lilac for months on end. Usually most lilac bushes bloom for a few weeks in spring where as but Lilac 'Bloomerang Dark Purple' will have a main flush of flowers in Spring, and then carry on intermittently right through to Autumn.

The rich purple, highly fragrant flowers are attractive to butterflies and are held above neat compact growth. A naturally mounding shape means this hardy shrub will fit into most gardens without becoming too large, reaching a height and spread of 120-150cms if left unprunned. Bloomerang is i Cottage style Gardens, fragrant scented gardens, Wildlife Gardens, Low Maintenance Gardens, Cut Flower Garden or simply as a Specimen Plant. Supplied in approx 1 litre containers.