Canna Durban - Amazing Multicolour Foliage Canna Plant
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Canna Durban - Amazing Multicolour Foliage Canna Plant

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Canna Durban, would have to be one of the most striking cannas ever introduced. It is a dramatic statement plant and is perfect to grow as an architectural plant and a highlight in any container or border planting. If you are thinking tropical and jungle themed gardens, that this is one plant that simply has to be included. With its exotic purple foliage variegated with stripes of green, yellow, pink and red you almost don't need the flower, but these come along from mid summer right in to autumn, hot orange in colour on tall flower stems that rise above the foliage.

Originating from South Africa, Durban is a real sun lover, and will benefit from a warm bright position. Each and every leaf will show flashes of flamboyant colouration, combining stunning shades of pink, yellow, red, orange and greens all fanning out in stripes from the central vein. Highlighted with the sun from behind, the colours are almost translucent. This really is one very special plant not to be missed, and you are sure to find many uses for it, be it the border, beside a pond or in patio pots and containers, a stunning feature plant that will catch the eye of anyone that chances to see it! There are many inferior look a likes to this Canna on the market, but this is the genuine article. It is a very unusual, hard to come by, rare plant. Ideal to grow in beds and borders enriched with generous amounts of compost, or large tubs. Although they can stand winters outside, we wouldn't risk it on this special one, but if you do chance it, ensure the soil is well drained and mulch thickly, you'll then be able to enjoy all its magnificence for many years.

If you want planting combinations for Durban, try it with a foreground of soft grey foliage as a foil for its exotic foliage - try Russian sage (Perovskia) or lavender. The light shimmering foliage of ornamental grasses also looks perfect in front of or behind the bold structural foliage of Durban. Try any of the Miscanthus or Stipa varieties for this effect. With their long season of colour, day lilies (Hemerocallis) provide a flower filled edging to your Durban planting. Clipped foliage shrubs, such as box, yew and dwarf conifer create a strong contrast to the upright growth of Durban. To create a strong architectural theme, try a Phormium, New Zealand Flax, to create a wonderful structural effect. Another idea is to surround with the prolific flowering Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) with its many heads of flowers in Summer for a refreshing and effective border around a planting of Durban.

All of our Cannas are specially grown from young plants raised in tissue culture labs to guarantee they are full of health and vigour and virus free. Unfortunately a lot of Canna plants and bare roots sold are riddled with disease to never perform as one would expect the garden, but our plants are guaranteed to be free of this, so you can add to your plant collection with confidence. Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers and exhibiting colourful foliage these are perfect plants to grow and create a real impact in your garden. Keep well fed and watered and expect them to reach up to 150-180cms in bloom.