Canna Pretoria - Amazing Multicolour Foliage Bengal Tiger Canna Plant
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Canna Pretoria - Amazing Multicolour Foliage Bengal Tiger Canna Plant

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Canna Pretoria, also known as Bengal Tiger, is the sister variety to the original multicolour foliage tropical looking Durban Canna, it is a stunningly variegated plant that has large green leaves patterned with yellow stripes. Large orange-yellow flowers with a speckled throat complete the picture in late summer giving a crowning exotic feel above the tropical looking foliage, worthy of any jungle style garden or simply adding a dramatic effect in beds, borders and patio planters. The fabulous foliage - green and yellow striped leaves, and re-blooming, big vibrant orange flowers make this is what considered by many the most beautiful of all cannas. The dramatic stalks of green and yellow striped leaves with a brilliant maroon edge will grow to 6ft tall and make a perfect contrasting partner to plant alongside varieties such as Durban and Tropicanna.

All in all, colourful, exotic looking and so easy to grow  - what more could you want?

All of our Cannas are specially grown from young plants raised in tissue culture labs to guarantee they are full of health and vigour and virus free. Unfortunately a lot of Canna plants and bare roots sold are riddled with disease to never perform as one would expect the garden, but our plants are guaranteed to be free of this, so you can add to your plant collection with confidence.

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers and exhibiting colourful foliage these are perfect plants to grow and create a real impact in your garden. Keep well fed and watered and expect them to reach up to 150-180cms in bloom.