Gazania Yellow Flame - Sun Daisy

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Known by many as a Sun Daisy, Gazania 'Yellow Flame' is a stunning species that enlivens any garden with its vivid yellow petals accented with eye-catching reddish-orange streaks that resemble flames. Vibrant colour can be added to sunny borders, rock gardens, and containers with this striking flower. It grows best in broad sunlight, spreading its blooms wide to enjoy the warmth of the day and closing them at nightfall.

Gazania 'Yellow Flame' is a great option for coastal gardens or drought-prone areas because it thrives in well-drained soil and is very hardy in hot, dry weather. For low-maintenance landscapes, its minimal water requirements and capacity to thrive in nutrient-poor soils make it a popular choice. 


Supplied in approx. 9cm pot.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 3.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!