Hardy Geranium Breeders Mix Premium Collection - Pack of TEN

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No cottage style planting scheme is complete without these amazing, tough little plants. They blend beautifully in a mixed herbaceous border, particularly eye catching if placed at the front of a planting scheme as their small stature make them perfect for edging lawns or pathways.

The ‘Breeder’s mix’ is the perfect collection for kinds of settings, coming in a range of pastel colours of blue, pink and Lilac, plus a few more vivid shades thrown in for good measure and the occasional white bloom too. Our breeders mix can't be purchased elsewhere - it's the result of the new variety breeding programs that exist, where we simply buy the whole field of seedling plants - who knows, you might even find the next big garden plant find in your pack! The Hardy Geranium 'Rozanne' was crowned plant of the century by the RHS, so you know with these hardy reliable Geranium plants, you're on to an immediate winner. The big bonus with these plants is how hard working they are , flowering from mid-summer all the way through until late autumn, the flowers are generously spread over the crown of the mid-green serrated foliage.

If that is not generous enough, these Geraniums are also tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions including being able to tolerate periods of drought.

Pack of TEN best quality bare roots ready to plant.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.99, today just 2.99 - Save £27!