Geum Cocktail Cosmopolitan

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With its delicate pink blossoms, Geum 'Cocktail Cosmopolitan' is a magnificent perennial that adds a pleasant touch of sophistication. The semi-double flowers have an airy, delicate appearance as they rise above the leaves on thin, arching stalks. This species is a great addition to container displays, cottage gardens, and perennial borders because of its extended blooming season, which lasts from late spring to early summer. It usually spreads up to 30 cm and reaches a height of 45 cm.

Plant 'Cocktail Cosmopolitan' in well-drained soil in full sun to part shade for optimal results. Although it prefers damp environments, once established, it is remarkably drought-tolerant. Combine this geum with other perennials that have muted colours, like blue veronicas or burgundy heucheras.