Geum Petticoats Peach

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The captivating perennial Geum 'Petticoats Peach' is prized for its unusual, ruffled double blooms that have a delicate peach hue. The delicate appearance of these magnificent blossoms is created by their slender, arching stems that emerge above the green, lobed foliage. 'Petticoats Peach', which blooms from late spring to early summer, is a delightful addition to container plantings or a delicate yet stylish accent to garden borders or cottage gardens. It usually spreads to approximately 30 cm and reaches a height of around 40 cm.

Plant 'Petticoats Peach' in well-drained soil in full sun or light shade for best growth. It prefers routine irrigation to keep the soil continuously moist, particularly during dry spells. This type looks great with lavender or nepeta, which are gentle blues and purples.