Giant Flowered Football-Sized Blue-Pink Hydrangea - LARGE PLANTS
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Giant Flowered Football-Sized Blue-Pink Hydrangea - LARGE PLANTS

Product ref: S9970017

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Showy Hydrangeas are loved the world over for their big, bright, breathtaking blooms and elegant foliage.

Few plants are as stunning as Hydrangeas blooming en masse, brightening even the shady areas of your garden.

Thick, emerald foliage makes them excellent for planting around walls and foundations. What's more, the giant flower heads can be cut and dried for lasting decorations.

This large flowered mop-head variety has huge Blue-pink blooms up to the size of a football. These literally cover the plant in colour all summer, there is no need to remove the older blooms as they age to a delightful burgundy shade, whilst fresh flowers are continuously produced. If you want to intensify the colour of your Hydrangeas colour, you can give feed for acid loving plants to make them bright blue.

Supplied as Large, well-established bushy plants in approx 5 litre containers, these will be in bud/flower when delivered from mid June and throughout the summer and autumn months, and look absolutely stunning, they will really give impact where ever they are planted. Typical plants as supplied in summer are pictured.