GIANT - Hydrangea 'Avant Garde' - Worlds Largest Hydrangea - In Bud & Bloom!

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Avantgarde is a unique long-flowering Hydrangea with truely enormous blooms, making it the Worlds largest flowering Hydrangea. Characterising Avantgarde are its large dark leaves and huge umbel of flowers with a minimum diameter of 30cm. Our plants have Huge Flower Heads forming in season at this size at their seasonal peak, and look very dramatic.

The plant reaches a height of up to around 80-100cm tall. The flower is white at first, and then becomes a very light pink colour or powder blue in acid soils. When the mop head is fully in bloom, it will not weaken or fall, but become a green colour, and finally it will often age to a dramatic autumnal red shade. When the flowers are removed, a new flower appears after a few weeks, so you can enjoy Avant Garde continually through the year.

The enormous blooms will cover sturdy multi-branched plants, but if you remove side branches and grow as a single stem, the blooms get even larger. Each spectacular bloom remains for over 2 months, changing colour through shades of white, pink and finally lime green. Strong stems make these stunning hydrangea flowers ideal for cutting and ensure that the blooms won't flop - even after rain! An eye-catching shrub for borders or large patio containers.

During Summer, our Hydrangea Avant Garde Plants are supplied with buds and flower heads up to 40cm across. Through the remainder of the year they're supplied as green plants. Large and strong in approx 5 litre containers.