Ginkgo biloba Menhir - Columnar Maidenhair Tree - 60- 70cm

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Famed as a herbal supplement by the ancient Chinese, this plant has been around since the dinosaurs. Very tough and hardy, specimens in Japan actually survived the Hiroshima bomb of WWII and are growing today.

These trees can live a long time, so you, your children, and generations to come can enjoy this incredibly beautiful tree for centuries.

The unusual foliage in spring is a light green, but will suddenly turn a pure, dazzling yellow in the Autumn, remaining for sometime on the tree, then suddenly dropping virtually all at the same time. A convenient time for Ginkgo leaf harvesting.

By pruning these can be kept as an attractive shrub or backdrop to a herbaceous border. 'Menhir' is a more compact and slender version of the standard Ginkgo biloba and it grows to have a columnar shape when mature.

The fan-like leaves of 'Menhir' are of the classic Ginkgo shape, but with a slightly more grey-green colour in summer and a buttery yellow colour in autumn. This new variety is proving to be popular due to its narrow form and it is perfect for planting as a structural tree in your garden.They may even be used to create very unusual bonsai.

Supplied as a grafted young tree in approx. 2-3 litre containers at around 60cm -70cm  tall.


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