Gladioli Ruffle Mixed - Pack of Five

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The wonderful array of colours offered by Gladiolus 'Ruffle Mixed' is enhanced by the distinctive ruffled borders that accentuate each bloom, lending an air of refinement and texture to the landscape. A range of colours, from muted pastels to vivid tones, are usually used in this mixture, giving each planting a surprise in terms of form and colour. This set of five bare root plants is perfect for bringing interest to garden borders, making eye-catching backdrops, or embellishing floral arrangements. It guarantees a varied and long-lasting display of beauty all summer.

Plant the Gladiolus 'Ruffle Mixed' in a full-sun area for optimal growth and flowering. The strong sunlight promotes healthy plant growth and aids in the development of the entire colour range. Rich, well-drained, and moist soil are ideal.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 2.99, today just £1, yes just £1!

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