Gold Leylandii - Castlewellan Gold Leyland Cypress - Cuprocyparis leylandii - Pack of TEN 80-100cm (circa 3ft) Hedging Conifers

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The fastest growing hedging conifer available is the well known Leylandii, or Leyland Cypress that makes for an excellent hedge. This is the golden form, and grows around 3ft per year in height, this will very quickly fill out to a dense screen.


Plant a new hedge of leylandii with between 60 to 100cm between each plant, closer spacing will give a quicker results, but you'll get a hedge just as good if you set them 100cms apart, it may just take an extra year to fill out. If you're planning a taller hedge of 4 metres (12ft) or more you should always go for the wider spacing between each plant.


A good Leylandii hedge will become a living wall and have the following benefits:

Provides privacy
Screens unsightly areas or buildings
Improves security
Filters traffic fumes and pollution
Offers shelter for wildlife
Decreases wind and Minimises noise


Leylandii is the fastest growing conifer in the UK, easy to grow, and tolerant of a wide range of soils. It will even grow in coastal areas and on chalky soils. If you have an exposed site, an established Leylandii hedges will offer a very effective windbreak.

A Leylandii hedge can be maintained as a dense hedge of any size provided it is given an annual trim. Leylandii is also one of the very best hedging plants to filter pollution such as diesel fumes from engines if you're looking to plant near a busy road, significantly decreasing the amount of particulates entering homes and offices where it is used, it will also absorb and reduce the traffic noise.


By trimming your leylandii hedge once a year, you can keep it to any height and width you desire. Forming a hedge faster than any other evergreen plant is is perfect if you have problem situations to deal with.


Supplied in approx. 3-4 litre containers at around 80-100cms (circa 3ft) tall. Pack of 10 plants.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 159.99, today just 99.99 - Save £60!

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