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Dendrobium 'King' Towering Nobile Orchid Premium Quality with Classic White Display Pot
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Dendrobium 'King' Towering Nobile Orchid Premium Quality with Classic White Display Pot

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Product ref: H76730

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A Luxury, long blooming and unusual Orchid complete with a classic whitedisplay pot. Dendrobiums are famous worldwide for long lasting flowers and plants which are vigorous and easy to grow. This makes them ideal gifts, and one of our top selling plants for Christmas. One of the most stunning Noble Orchids ever. Exquisite flowers- last up to 15 weeks! Fabulous exotic scent, Unique evergreen foliage.

The ultimate house plant, Superb, long lasting value. If you normally buy cut flowers for your home, or just love the idea of an exotic house plant, you'll absolutely adore this stunning scented 'Dendrobium' Orchid. Creating far more impact than any ordinary floral display, its magnificent tower ofbold pinkflowersrising up on a tower of tiered, rich glossy green leaves, really is a sight to behold. Not only are the blooms beautiful, they're incredibly long lasting too- up to 15 weeks a year!

Just think how many bunches of expensive cut flowers you'd have to buy over the same amount of time- and it'll do the same next year too! Even though the 'Dendrobium' Orchid is one of the most unusual and dramatic looking home exotics you can own, it's extremely easy to care for and will thrive in most houses, even down to temperatures as low as 55F/13C. Supplied complete with a classic white display pot as a mature, fully established plant in bud/bloom with an overallheight of up to 50-60cms (1.5-2ft) tall.The 'Dendrobium' Orchid not only makes a superb house plant but it's ideal for the office too! Colour supplied may vary slightly according to availability.

It's easy to see whythese beautiful plants are found in High Class Department stores. With it's long lasting blooms, the Dendrobium orchid with its impressive column of flower clusters makes a fantastic gift at any time of the year.