Hamamelis intermedia 'Rubin' - Witch Hazel

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This amazing witch hazel will give your garden a beautiful winter colour and scent. An upright, deciduous shrub ‘Rubin’ is grown for its deep crimson flowers that bloom from late Winter to early Spring.


The spidery flowers have a ruby-red centre with yellow stamens that contrast against the bright red petals beautifully. ‘Rubin’ also has rounded leaves which appear in Spring displaying a deep green colour which turns a striking butter-yellow before they fall in autumn.


This versatile ornamental shrub fits in perfectly within a mixed border providing much needed brightness during the winter months and they are also stunning when used as a specimen plant. 


Make sure to plant this Witch Hazel in full sun or partial shade. It can grow in any soil type as long as it is placed in a moist but well-drained area. 


Supplied in approx. 2 litre containers.