Hamamelis vernalis Amethyst - Witch Hazel - LARGE 120-150cms

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Hamamelis ‘Amethyst’ is a jewel in the crown of the winter garden – a hardy shrub that promises to dazzle and delight in equal measure. Witch hazels have an exceptional reputation for putting on a show during the darkest and coldest months of the year and ‘Amethyst’ ups the ante with its stand-out, ribbon-like, spidery flowers that feature vibrant shades of red, purple and pink: an uplifting treat at a time of year when intricate blooms can be few and far between.

A top choice for injecting interest into winter borders, ‘Amethyst’ heralds the arrival of a new year in style, with flowers bursting from naked stems in January and February. Pollinators may not be out in force in the depths of winter but insects that are on the wing will make a beeline for this witch hazel’s lightly fragrant blooms, making it a valuable addition to wildlife-friendly gardens.

Witch hazels are renowned for autumn colour, too, and deciduous ‘Amethyst’ will reward gardeners with classic autumnal hues as the nights draw in, when its grey-green leaves are transformed into a kaleidoscope of fiery reds and oranges before falling. To maximise the flowering potential of this mid-winter star, grow in full or part-sun (shrubs flower best when allowed to bask in sunlight) and plant into well-drained, moisture-retentive soil. Witch hazels prefer slightly acid or neutral soil, but if your soil is alkaline, it’ll make a superb specimen shrub if potted into a large container.

Digging well-rotted organic matter into garden soil ahead of planting will help to get your new witch hazel off to a flying start. Plant these low-maintenance shrubs between October and April, as long as soil isn’t waterlogged or frozen, and grow close to sunny paths or doorways where you can savour flowers’ mid-winter scent.

Supplied well branched, covered in buds in season, in approx 7-10 litre containers at around 120-150cms tall, Hamamelis ‘Amethyst’ can reach a mature height and spread of 2.4 to 3m (8-10ft) if left unpruned, yet is easily maintained at just 150cms by cutting back excess growth in early Spring.