Handsome Heuchera Collection - Pack of FOUR Evergreen Plants

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These Heuchera plants look great all year round, in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each season adds to the depth of interest, as the foliage transitions through different colours depending on the time of the year. If you need ground cover, a mass of these in different varieties will give the look of Josephs coat!

Their vibrant colours and attractive shapes really do lift the spirits in the duller months, and actually intensify the colder the weather becomes, the new leaves in Spring are also very vibrant.

Our lovely collection of Handsome Heucheras consists of varieties for great ground cover, and foliage contrast in the garden or on the patio.

Pack of FOUR different plants, each supplied in approx 1litre containers. These are high quality premium plants, with the selection randomly selected from our range over over twenty fantastic varieties, to include a diverse mix of colour and form from Plum Purple, and ruffled types to Amber and Gold shades, the Little Cuties series, Silvers and more.

This selection will be made up of varieties such as:

Sweet Tea - large cinnamon star shaped leaves with a lovely orange tea coloured border, perfect for containers and garden beds, and one of the most intensely coloured varieties.

Electra - large bright golden leaves that have bright red blood veins! The blood red veins are visible all year even as the leaf colour changes from bright yellow to chartreuse then finally to tan in the winter. This looks superb in containers or in a shady border

Georgian Plum - a compact, mound-forming, semi-evergreen perennial bearing amazing year round rose pink /purple foliage with pinky to silver overlay and neat compact rose pink flowers. Good for mixed borders or lovely in containers.

Chocolate Ruffles - featuring solid deep maroon-chocolate leaves with heavily ruffled edges that curl to reveal royal purple undersides, a great contrast to the paler varieties.

Great for planters on the patio or in beds around the garden. Planted en-mass for a bold splash of colour, they make excellent ground cover and will look just as good right through to spring as they do now, dealing with whatever the winter throws at them. The above four types are just a few your selection will be made from there are many other lovely varieties including: Firechief, Malachite, Silver Scrolls, Plum Pudding, Alabama Sunrise, Stoplight, Amber Waves, Beauty Colour, Palace Purple, Cherry Cola, Peach Flambe, Lime Marmalade, Firefly, Boysenberry, Golden Zebra, Marmalade, Marvelous Marble, Ruby Bells, Creme Brule, Fireworks, Blackberry Jam, Caramel, Little Cuties and many more

Selection pack includes FOUR plants, each selected as a lucky dip at random at packing time to provide a great mix and make a lovely show in your garden. Colourful plants supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.