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Hardy Silvery Topiary Oliver Tree - Salix helvetica - Swiss Willow - circa 150cms

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Fully Hardy Standard Silver Topiary Oliver Trees for Patio or Garden

Beautiful Trees for the Patio or Garden

Look fantastic in planters on a deck or terrace, or used as focal points around the garden

Elegant looking with a compact head of silvery foliage above a clear trunk

Very distinctive with it's glaucous-silvery appearance.

As an added bonus in spring, golden buds develop into narrow, silvery-grey catkins.

Fully hardy to temperatures as low as -30c!

Elegant, and fast-growing this one remains a compact shrub or small tree with shoots and leaves which are heavily felted, giving a distinct glaucous-silvery appearance.

In spring, golden buds develop into narrow, silvery-grey catkins, up to 2'' long, before the silvery foliage develops. This native to the Alps, is truly a sight to behold and makes a stunning feature for planting by pools or streams or anywhere it may be easily appreciated.

If you like olive trees, but have trouble growing them, try Salix Helvetica for a similar look with an ultra tough constitution.

Swiss silver willow is an ideal tree for the small garden or even planted in a pot on the patio.

It will grow no taller than it's current size but will thicken right out year on year to provide an ever better show. These would also look great planted in larger containers flanking the entrance to your home, or by the rear doors opening out onto the patio. We'll always select as closely matching pair if you decide to go for a couple when we pick your order if you buy these, so you can be assured of a smart look.

Supplied in approx 5 litre containers, with a nice clear stem and an overall height of around 150cms.