Hardy Succulent Sedum Collection - Pack of FIVE Evergreen Hardy Plants - Perfect Ground cover

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Intriguing Low Growing Succulent Plants

Fully Winter Frost Hardy and Evergreen

Drought Resistant in Summer

Perfect for alpine gardens, troughs, rockeries or simply planted in a pot as a conversation piece on their own.

Different foliage textures and colours

Often seen growing on 'green roofs', forming a carpet of tight foliage.

Also known as stone crop, these plants make spreading mats of fleshy foliage with star shaped flowers in summer on short stems. They generally grow to a height of 7-15cm (3-6'' with a spread of up to 30cm (12''), and some species form even lower carpets. Sedum plants will flourish even in a dry position in poor soil, they are great for rock gardens surviving in the narrowest of cracks. Great combined with Sempervivum houseleeks and other low growing alpine plants.

Pack of 5 Plants in assorted colours in approx. 10cm-1 litre pots. Typical plants as supplied pictured.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 - Save £10!

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