Heather Plant Collection - Calluna vulgaris Skyline Series - Pack of FIVE assorted plants

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These Heather plants provide excellent evergreen interest, the Skyline series is particularly selected for bright foliage in a range of greens to gold and an upright habit. They'll also produce flowers later on in the season.

Heathers are one of the easiest to grow evergreens - perfect for planters or used en-masses for colour in the garden.

The unusual ‘square’ stems of Skyline heathers are thick and upright, bringing shape and structure to the garden. Use its architectural form as a striking statement in winter borders or set in patio containers. 

These plants will provide a colourful display in your garden even through snow and ice and anything else a British winter can throw at them. Perfect for the front of beds and borders, creating drifts of colour in rockeries and mixed in traditional plantings with conifers.

These heathers also look really classy in seasonal patio planters.

Super bushy plants supplied in approx. 12cm pots, these are great value and bring real cheer in the duller weather when little else is happy to put on a show. Pack of FIVE in assorted colours.