Hebe Red Sunset

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This Hebe 'Red Sunset' is an outstanding evergreen shrub that provides every garden with a dash of coloured interest from the showy foliage and floriferousness—all within an easy-to-handle 2L pot. This species is especially characteristic due to very shining, glossy, dark green leaves that, in cold months, become a nice red-purple colour to make contrast. It is during late spring to early summer, aw exposed to spikes of deep pink flowers, attracting bees and butterflies. This will certainly add beauty to your garden, attracting biodiversity.

Perfect for year-round interest in borders, containers, or a small hedge, 'Red Sunset' does best if given full sun to part shade and grown in well-drained soil. This will make the plant a good one to try out for newbies or experienced gardeners who want to up their outdoors with less toiling.