Hebes Collection - Selection of SIX Outstanding Hardy Evergreen Hebe Plants

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This fantastic collection of hardy evergreen Hebes will add a variety of lovely colours and textures to your garden all year round!

Featuring a random mix of Six plants, this is an un-named selection of superb hardy varieties.

Hebes are the ultimate foliage plant.

Uniform, compact and colourful are all words that best describe these wonderful shrubs and they're also evergreen so they keep their spectacular foliage all year, giving you interest from the first day of the year to the last.

Named after the Greek Goddess of youth Hebes will add a breath of fresh air to any garden.

Hebes are loved for their low-growing domes of densely packed leaves and are excellent at providing contrast and texture in a border as well as in patio containers.

Hebes are virtually maintenance free evergreen shrubs, fully frost hardy and tolerant of drought, shade, sun and poor soil, and very slow growing, meaning you can plant them pretty much anywhere and just leave them to their own devices!

All Hebes in this collection beautifully complement each other and are supplied as strong healthy plants in approx. 1.5-2.5 litre containers, simply plant and stand back.

Each collection is specially selected to give a variety of foliage, colours, shapes and textures and is picked as an un-named mix from a wide range of varieties, such as:

Hebe Heartbreaker

This spectacular Hebe 'Heartbreaker' is a real breakthrough in breeding. Its beautiful grey-green leaves with their alluring cream margin explodes into a vibrant pink during the spring months adding a burst of colour into any garden. What's more it produces a mass of small pretty mauve flowers during the summer, making this Hebe a true all year round beauty! Its compact habit makes it a great addition to borders and really shines when you plant it in a container. The Hebe 'Heartbreaker' is a truly wonderful upright and compact evergreen shrub which will grow to about 75cm high and wide in around 4 years, making it a fantastic specimen plant for any garden or patio.

Hebe Emerald Green Globe

Known as both Emerald Green and Green Globe, this small evergreen shrub has a dense globular habit made up of small branches covered in tiny moss green foliage, and topped with white flowers in summer. It is an ideal plant for use en-mass to provide attractive evergreen ground cover.

Hebe Sapphire Hebe Purple

Sapphire is a fantastic, small, evergreen flowering shrub with mid-green, lance-shaped leaves. From early summer to late autumn, it bears upright spikes of pretty Blue-purple flowers. Lovely bushy plants, supplied full of bud/in flower in season.

Hebe albicans Red Edge

This lovely looking Hebe has red tinted new growth. The leaves have narrow red margins and veining when young and creates a real contrast in both the summer and winter garden with its unusual colour. Hebe albicans Red Edge looks great all year round, and in the summer it produces pretty, lilac-blue flowers, fading to white, among grey-green. This small, spreading, evergreen shrub makes an attractive low, informal hedge or edging plant for a mixed border, and looks fantastic as part of a collection of Hebe plants set out together. Red Edge is a dense, low growing, compact evergreen shrub and like all Hebes, it's very easy to care for.

Hebe Vernicosa

Pale lilac and white flowers immerse this free blooming, compact evergreen shrub in summer, leaving you to wonder if you'll ever spot the glorious glossy green foliage ever again. This is retained all year, with the plant doing best in well drained soil with sun or a little shade. Like all Hebes, this plant has originated from the windswept areas of New Zealand, making it tolerant of a wide variety of conditions including costal gardens.

Hebe Pewter Dome

A neat plant that forms, as its name suggests, a dome of grey green leaves. The ever green foliage is compact and covered in late spring or early summer with an abundance of dense heads of small white flowers that attract beneficial bees and butterflies. It is an easy and reliable plant for using at the front of a border or in containers. Ideal for creating evergreen ground cover anywhere in your garden. Great in pots or containers, or planted in the ground mixed with other shrubs or simply with other Hebe varieties.

Remember, this is just an example of some of the varieties that make up our Hebe collections. All these Hebe varieties have a nice winter colour, so they offer more than just flower value in the summer garden. They are absolutely outstanding for adding a structure to the winter scene.

If you don't want a full collection yourself, why not share with friends?

Perfect to keep on the patio in planters or plant around the garden and garden ponds.

These plants give a wonderful effect in the garden what ever the season.