Helleborus niger - White Christmas Roses - Pack of THREE Plants in SILVER Pots

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Very much part of the Christmas tradition, Helleborus niger - The Christmas Rose - is treasured for its pure white flowers with golden stamens that act as beacons of light in the garden during the winter months.

Now this enchanting plant can be admired at close range indoors during the festive period.

Supplied in bud/bursting into flower, these Christmas rose plants make an unusual charming centrepiece for the dinner table, and can be planted in the garden to flower every year once the festivities are over. Alternatively, they can be given as small floral gifts.

Keep indoors and enjoy the flowers over the festive period, then plant outside next year and enjoy garden flowers for years to come! These are also perfect to give away as small gestures individually or to give to someone special as a set. Perfect for an end of term present for teachers, or a good bye gift to dinner and party guests as they leave your Christmas get-togethers.

THREE Plants supplied as full of buds and blooms in 10-12cm silver coloured pots.