Helleborus orientalis Double Ellen White - Hellebore - Pack of SIX Plants

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Double Ellen White is a beautiful variety of hellebore with white double flowers and a lovely soft golden centre. Every petal has a lovely layered delicate appearance as they bloom from February through to April.

The stunning, pendent to slighly outward-facing flowers are held above leathery, deep green leaves. Like all Hellebores, it is a great ground cover plant for areas of dappled shade under deciduous trees and shrubs.

The leathery, evergreen leaves that provide all year round interest, you can if desired cut back old leaves in late Winter, to really show off the flowers to maximum effect. 

Looks wonderful planted in a container, or as part of a border mixed in with ferns or hostas. Grows best in a partly shady spot and like all hellebores, prefers a heavy soil.

Top Quality bushy plants are supplied in approx. 9cm pots, these really are outstanding value for money, and in season you can usually expect flowers on delivery too.

Perfect for adding brightness and garden interest when little else is showing colour, plant these now to guarantee the beautiful flowers every winter each and every year in to the future.