Herb - Mint spicata - Moroccan Mint

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Spearmint is a classic herb and a lovely addition to your garden. Not only will this plant add a delightful minty scent to your garden, but it will also add some summer colour with its delicate, light purple flowers. It can easily be grown in a container, making it ideal for patios or to be grown on your kitchen counter ready to be used in cooking. Equally, it can be added to the front or a bed or border.

This versatile plant will grow in any aspect, exposed or sheltered, any soil type and in full sun or partial shade. Its soil can be well-drained or poorly-drained as long as it is kept moist. This makes it a great all-round addition to any garden. It is a deciduous plant, so its leaves will drop in the winter to make room for beautiful new growth in the spring.

Supplied in approx. 1 litre pot

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