Herb - Thymus vulgaris - Thyme

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This thyme is quite possibly the best variety available for cookery, essential for any Mediterranean herb mix, bouquet garni or simply on it's own with your favourite dishes where it is called for. Essential for some of the best chicken dishes, it should always be on hand, perhaps grown close to the back door of the house in easy reach of the kitchen.

The plant itself is a compact, low growing subshrub with medium-sized white-pale pink flowers. Its tiny, deep green leaves are strongly scented, with the plants themselves growing up to 20cm (8") high and a spread of up to 40cm (16") in diameter. It is native to Europe and Morocco, prefers well drained soils, and is very easy to grow.

These plants are not the tiny weak offerings of herbs you might expect from a supermarket, but larger chunky plants, very well established and supplied in approx. 10.5cm containers. You'll be able to start picking your own bunches of fresh thyme straight away.

This fragrant aromatic plant is also great to use in seasonal pots and planters on the patio.