Hibiscus syriacus Star Burst Chiffon - Large Double Flowered Tree Hollyhock

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The gorgeous blooms of this new and exclusive Star Burst Chiffon Hibiscus will really stand out in your garden, and contrast beautifully with the shiny green leaves, adding to the decorative appeal of the plant.

This is a beautiful, tough, tolerant and easy to grow shrub, fully hardy and a source of wonder when its branches are laden with the large flowers.  

Many Hibiscus varieties carry single flowers, but the new Starburst Chiffon Hibiscus has large ruffled double blooms - and masses of them.

You will have new flowers continually from mid-summer, right into the autumn in the prettiest of colours - white to pale pink with a large crimson-red starburst in the centre. Each bloom can be up to 10-15cms across.

Starburst Chiffon Hibiscus is a profusely flowering shrub that is also suitable for the somewhat smaller garden or patio planter, reaching around 1.2-1.5 metres in height if left un-pruned. They can even be planted in a row to form an unusual deciduous hedge.

With the charming double-layered blooms reaching up to 10-15cms across, these hibiscus - also known as hollyhock trees - are ideal for the garden or patio pots, and will be marvelled by all who see them.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers at around 60cms tall, full of buds and flowers in season.

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