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Hyacinth 'Blue Tango' - Soft Blue Double - Pack of 6 Bulbs
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Hyacinth 'Blue Tango' - Soft Blue Double - Pack of 6 Bulbs

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Product ref: BR20839

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Others will challenge you to try finding this gorgeous double flowered hyacinth variety anywhere else in the UK - so here we are with it, and priced the Gardening Express way - so when they're out of stock, and you can only find it here, you know who bought all remaining stock for the UK market this year!

'Blue Tango' hyacinths are related to the deeper blue 'Royal Navy' - which is probably now our best selling true blue variety, in fact whilst you're here why not buy some of those as well and combine the two together when planting.

The double flowers and the soft blue shading of 'Blue Tango' Hyacinths make them the ideal backdrop for any other flower colour in your garden.

Blue Tango is a rarity, but we’re happy to say we’ve secured all of the limited stock of top-quality bulbs for the UK market. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the unusual or just love the way it looks, buy now and be one of a lucky few who will be able to grow this stunning variety.

A truly uniquely coloured Hyacinth that's highly sought after. Highly fragrant, double, star-shaped blooms appear in the spring in clusters. Great for planting in borders, window boxes, pots and containers, it prefers sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. Pack of 5 Bulbs.