Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle - Large Specimen

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Annabelle is a stunning white hydrangea, often producing heads over 10'' in diameter. Annabelle blooms every year even after severe pruning or intensely cold winters. The huge, white ''drumstick'' blooms appear in profusion without fail.

Some people plant 'Annabelle' as a hedge since it can be cut back severely in the winter for a tidy effect. Enormous, densely packed heads of creamy-white flowers from July to September and pointed, dark green leaves.

This upright, deciduous hydrangea makes a gorgeous feature for a partly shady border with moist, well-drained soil. The large flower heads are particularly suitable for dried flower arrangements. Supplied in approx 10 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 49.99, today just 29.99 - Save £20!