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The paniculata species of Hydrangeas that have become very popular in recent years and many different varities have become available. Carousel is another great addition to this club.

This is a deciduous shrub with dark green oval leaves; from late summer to early autumn large cones of white flowers appear which are tinged pink with age. The leaves will also show some great autumn colours.

Like most Hydrangeas it is an incredibly versatile plant, growing in all aspects and soils; if the soil is very heavy clay add lots of compost and grit to aid drainage. This plant is happy to grow in shade or partial shade.

In early spring cut back old flowering wood and mulch with organic matter.

Once desired size is reached, prune back each year by one third in early spring and mulch with a decent compost.

A Hydrangea that sits well Borders, woodland gardens, Cottage gardens and is also used for cutting flowers.

Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.

WINTER SALE - Usually 17.99, today just 12.99 - Save £5!