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Hydrangea paniculata Switch® 'Ophelia' is generous with its flowers that cover the entire plant. The first buds appear at the end of May, opening at the beginning of June. As they mature the flowers change colour, adding to their allure: initially green-white, they develop hints of a creamy yellow which becomes pink and finally an intense pinky red at the end of summer.


The big sterile flowers mask the small fertile panicles, giving the impression of large, flat inflorescences. Ultra-compact, the plant reaches a maximum height of 50cms during the growing period. Highly resistant to cold, it can flower even in the shade. Switch® is a star that merits a place in a large tub, isolated in the garden or in the front of a bed. It's an easy plant to manage, requiring little attention.


Supplied in an approx. 1.5 litre container.


WINTER SALE - Usually 17.99, today just 7.99 - Save £10!