WINTER SALE - Hydrangea Rembrandt Dolce Chic Pink

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WINTER SALE - Usually 27.99, today just 12.99 - Save £15!


Rembrandt Hydrangeas join our best selling range of Hydrangea Plants as real masterpieces!


During the season, you'll see this striking hydrangea change colour as summer progresses.


Large mophead style heads of flower start out pale green with a pink edging that gradually spreads until the entire flowerhead is deep pink. This creates a bi-colour effect to each and every bloom.


Hydrangea Rembrandt Dolce Chic is ideal for a position in partial shade, is fully hardy and easy to grow. More compact than many varieties, it will form a neat mounded shrub.


Supplied in approx 5 litre containers, these are well established bushy plants.


WINTER SALE - Usually 27.99, today just 12.99 - Save £15!

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