Hydrangea 'Euphoria Pink' - Chelsea Plant of the Year Winner - In Bud & Bloom

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Here's something really special and unqiue - plus a prize winner - runner up - at the Chelsea Flower Show plant of the year awards!


Euphoria Pink is really quite exceptional when it comes to Hydrangeas, being both variegated and of strong constitution and growth. It will really be a highlight to show of in your garden adding a vibrant splash of colour with rich ruby-pink blooms above the attractive cream-white margined foliage.


Even better, the new shoots emerge kissed with pink themselves, making this ravishing beauty a real show off as her leaves first peep through early in the year revealing these cute blushes.


Later on the sumptuous ruby-pink flowers emerge, they keep coming and coming and coming in unstoppable waves, mesmerising whoever chances to gaze upon this plant, we can really see why the name Euphoria Pink was chosen!  It really is one of those beauties that gets pulses racing whether your an experienced or a newbie gardener. Easy to grow and care for, reaching a height an spread of up to a metre once established, this bushy and compact shrub grows is also super hardy to -20c, making it an excellent option for garden borders and patio planters alike, in sun or shade - Euphoria Pink is versatile. 


Our plants are supplied in approx 1 litre containers in bud and bloom in season, ready to provide instant pleasure.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 14.97, today just 9.97 - Save £5!

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